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Graduation Day Ceremony Kindergarten

Graduation Day Ceremony Kindergarten

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Jaipuria Kindergarteners Enthral on Graduation Day- Theme Invincible, not Invisible 

The ‘Graduation Ceremony’ for kindergartners at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School left the audience spellbound for two hours.  Joy, an outpouring of emotion, and applause permeated the hall as the tiny tots gave a scintillating performance through a skit along with some heartwarming live anchoring.

The Principal, Poonam Kochitty along with the Headmaster, Pankaj Rathore lighted the traditional lamp.

In the power-packed program with the theme ‘Invincible’, the little ones floated the message ‘Educating the heart without educating the mind is no education at all’

The program commenced with the angelic voice of our little anchor Divisha Mishra, followed by a small skit. It was a delight watching the children give a strong and profound message through their performance. The dances, songs, yoga, and steam activity by the children were a perfect combination of coordination and grace.

The parents and excited children gathered to witness the performance.

The half-hour skit drew repeated applause and left the parents speechless and in awe.  The performances wove the magic and the message conveyed in each program left everyone spellbound.

The program culminated with our Principal, Ms. Kochitty’s speech where she shared her thoughts and the importance of nourishing blossoming hearts. She emphasized the role of parents in grooming their children with the right values and in an enriching and joyful environment. Training of the mind and education should not be reduced to mere churning of facts, as this will only lead to producing the best human robots, not human beings. The skit was followed by the graduation ceremony in which the students were presented with certificates and planters. The mothers and children gathered on the stage for a group photograph, which was followed by refreshments

The parents gave heartwarming feedback before they left the venue.

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