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Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, is pleased to announce that two of our students have become the Finalist for exceptional contributions to OSGeo, open source software organizations. as a part of Google-Code-In 2018. Shivam Rai on successfully completing 44 tasks and Vansh Mishra on successfully completing 16 tasks. The Finalists have received a special hoodie, T-shirt and a digital certificates to commemorate their achievements in the contest. We are proud of them!!!!!

Google Code In (GCI) a global, online contest introducing teenagers to the world of open source development with a wide variety of Tasks. Tasks are categorized as: Code, Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance, or Design.

This was the 9th consecutive year of Google Code-in (GCI). The contest runs for 7 weeks(October 23, 2018 – December 12, 2018).Pre-university students ages 13 to 17 are invited to take part in Google Code-in: Students choose the task they find interesting from a list of thousands of available tasks created by 27 participating open source organizations. Tasks take an average of 3-5 hours to complete.

Students not only have the opportunity to work on a real open source software project, thus gaining invaluable skills and experience, but they also have the opportunity to be a part of the open source community.

Participants get to work on real software and win prizes from t-shirts, Digital certificates to a trip to Google HQ!

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