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Glimpses of India

Glimpses of India

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 “India is a country with a basic unity, but of great variety in religion, in cultural traditions and in ways of living.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

In the current Covid-19 scenario when we have been forced to stay at home and all the institutions have migrated to virtual platform, our school’s initiative to build upon  core values and knowledge didn’t come to a standstill.

On October 8, 2020, our English class was a huge surprise which left us all in awe . The topic to be taken up in the class was ‘The Glimpses of India’ which took us to a journey to the heart and soul of India. But, to make the knowledge practical, our passionate teachers- Ms Shilpi Kumar, English teacher and Mr. Anubhav Singh, Music teacher, arranged a virtual interaction with two talented singers from different corners of our country to show the diverse cultures of incredible India.

Ms. Jyotsana Pratheeksha, is a nightingale from the city of palaces-Mysore and is doing her degrees in the Hindustani classical music. She shared about her beautiful and intriguing city and also the amazing culture of the city. She also gave us a beautiful specimen of her melodious voice by singing a traditional Kannada song that described the exquisite bond between mothers and daughters.

Next up, we met Mr Anugraha, from the Queen of hills-Darjeeling. He is an exceptionally talented person having sung, composed and written more than 50 songs in various languages like Nepali, Bengali etc. He sung us two harmonious songs in regional languages. To end the session on a sunny note, Mr.Anubhav sang the hindi version of a joyful Konkani song. It was a foot tapping number that lifted our moods.

This session promoted the sense of unity in diversity and pride amongst all the students as there are infinite opportunities in the place where unity in diversity exists. All the students pitched in and appreciated the efforts by giving a virtual round of applause. This was absolutely the experience which they were never going to forget. We the students of class X express our gratitude to our Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty, for plethora of opportunities to learn and grow.

Bhavyaa Singh

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