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Fun with Science

Fun with Science

Hello everyone,

My name is Rishit Singh from Grade 1B of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow.

Today, I am sharing my EVS class experience with you all.

So, today’s topic was Air and Water.

Air– As we know air is a natural resources from the environment. It is a mixture of different gases. We cannot touch or see air but it is all around us. All living beings need air to breathe and live.

Water– Just like air, even water is a natural resource from the environment and covers a major part of the Earth. All living beings need water to drink and live. Water is colorless and tasteless.
Water exists in three different forms solid, liquid, and gas.

Today in the class, our EVS teacher Ms. Kratika Saxenaalso explained to us more about Air and Water through experiments.

In the experiments, we used watercolors, balloons, and a container with water to know about the nature and properties of Air & Water.

1) Air occupies space –We took a balloon and as we blow it, it expands, which shows that air occupies space.

2) Air is required for burning – In this experiment, our teacher took a burning candle and covered it completely with a container which blew the candle away. We saw how air is required for burning the candle.

3) Water has no color – In this, we took a container with water in it and mixed green color in it, which made the water look green. Then we added other color and color of the water kept on changing which shows water don’t has its own color and just reflects the color mixed in it.

4)Water has no definite shape – In this experiment our teacher poured water in a beaker and measuring cylinder, both were of different shapes and sizes, so we saw that water does not have any shape and takes the shape of the container it is poured in.

I and my friends had lots of fun performing the experiment which was also followed by the videos shown on Tata Class Edge and quizzes from the same topic on the Quizizz platform, which made the topic clearer to us in a fun way.


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