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Fun with AI Robots in Computer Class

Fun with AI Robots in Computer Class

There is no age bar when it comes to learning. Today, with Code. Org, I introduced block-based coding in grade 1. This platform is mainly used by beginners and hence it was appropriate for the grade 1 students. 

Using this platform my students were able to train AI robots and help them to understand the pattern and through those patterns, they were able to identify whether the object is trash or a water animal. Through this activity, kids learnt how to keep the ocean clean by throwing the garbage out.

Students learnt about the buzzing word AI and about water pollution. They were very eager in training the robot with the correct images.

We completed all 8 levels and got the certificate too! The games that reward you with certificates of recognition are excellent as it keeps the motivation of an individual high! 

Let’s have a look at the certificate that we received and also a few glimpses of our class:

Reetu Pandey
IT Head

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