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Focuses on a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Education

Focuses on a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Education

Focuses on a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Education

Education in the 21st century is a dynamic and perpetually evolving phenomenon. Academic excellence, once regarded as the only hallmark of quality education, is now adding structured processes relating to social-emotional learning, artistic creativity, sporting calibre, tech-savviness, and talent for innovation.
It is essential to remember that intellectual rigour hasn’t lost its primary relevance. Indeed, it has expanded its base and is now being complemented by a new set of disciplines that are considered indispensable for creating and grooming literate, responsible and conscious individuals.
Schools, being the centres of learning and teaching, bear the responsibility of providing this modern, new-age education to students of today. But mere good intentions and wishful thinking aren’t enough.

One needs the wherewithal to upgrade the school infrastructure and the right vision to overhaul the pedagogical processes for optimum delivery of value-based education. Doing so demands intellectual and emotional investment. It demands a broad-minded attitude to shed the outdated mindset and initiate the new.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School (SAJS) on Shaheed Path in Lucknow has been embracing the new ever since its inception in 2016. It recently reached an important milestone in its growth by commissioning a new state-of-the-art building on its campus. The swanky structure, called Senior Block, has world-class facilities for interactive teaching-learning, sports, health, fitness, arts, music, filmmaking, multimedia, etc. It’s an ideal set-up for 21st-century education that contains the right ambience– a place where academic pursuit goes hand in hand with skill development and talent nurturing.

Before taking an in-depth look at these facilities, it’s worthwhile to get a perspective of the school’s growth in the last five years.

The meteoric rise of SAJS, Lucknow

Founded in April 2016, the school has benefited immensely from the 75-year-long legacy of Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions. The school had a clear vision and was determined to create a niche position in the highly competitive educational landscape of Lucknow. This was achieved by focusing on digital literacy among other domains, an endeavour that bore fruit when the school was feted as the only Microsoft Certified Showcase School in Lucknow. Not just that, as many as 39 teachers of the school are certified Microsoft, Innovative Educators Experts, and many of the school’s students have won awards and certifications at digital contests and competitions worldwide.

More accolades kept coming in thick and fast. In 2018, the school was ranked among the top schools of India for ‘Outstanding Achievement in the field of Education,’ by Digital Learning and ‘ELETS’ at the Education Conclave. A year later, the school received the National School Award in the category of ‘Most Technically Advanced School’. Besides the achievements in digital learning, the school has won an award for Excellence in Co-curricular Education and has been recognised for its contribution towards waste management.

The year 2020 was a test of the school’s resilience because of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but thanks to the greater tech integration in the curriculum, the teachers were able to switch from classroom education to online instruction almost seamlessly, without disrupting students’ learning. This methodology was hailed and recognised by other schools as a model for the online delivery of education.

The school used this time judiciously to wrap up the construction of the new adjacent building – which is twice the size of the previous structure and had been in the making for a year or two. Finally, on February 16, 2021, the new building called Senior Block was inaugurated by Shri Satish Mahana, Minister of Industrial Development, Uttar Pradesh. With this inauguration, the school is ready to take its multi-disciplinary approach towards education to a new level altogether.

A multi-disciplinary approach to education

Body, mind, emotions, and character – these four aspects of a child’s development form the crux of the school’s multi-disciplinary approach to education. The new facilities in the Senior Block have been conceptualised to ensure a balanced growth on all four fronts.

Sports and Fitness

Health and fitness have always been an essential part of the school’s ethos, and the pandemic has only strengthened the resolve. The newly inaugurated Senior Block has high-end facilities to inculcate sporting calibre in students. The building has a Volleyball Court, Basketball Court, Playground for Cricket and Football, Archery and Shooting Range, and designated arenas for Yoga, Taekwondo and a host of indoor sports such as Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, etc. A large Swimming Pool for boys and girls is the new building’s most prized area.


The academic pursuit remains the centrepiece of education. To support and inspire academic rigour in students, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, has created an infrastructure with Computer Lab, Science Labs, Robotics Lab, Radio Jockey Room, Recording Studio and Library. Every classroom has smart interactive panels besides blackboards to help teachers explain the concepts clearly. The curriculum also gives a prominent place to Design Thinking for developing new-age problem-solving skills in students.


Knowledge, health and creative skills have to be bolstered with a strong character and personality. To this end, the school focusses on delivering value-based education with a strong emphasis on empathy, compassion, kindness, tolerance, teamwork, fraternity, leadership, perseverance, solidarity and environmental sensitivity. These values are crucial in building a strong and positive character in students.


The Senior Block has been conceptualised and designed to nurture artistic talent and creativity. Music and Dance Room has been aesthetically designed and equipped for students interested in performing arts. A Multi-Purpose Hall provides ample space for theatre. Keeping with the times, the school has introduced a Filmmaking and Editing Studio with all necessary equipment and training expertise to inspire cinematic talent. Likewise, the campus now has a Radio Jockey Room for interested students and an Art Room for those keen on learning painting, origami, calligraphy, etc.

Each child is unique

While there is a common curriculum for all children, the school management recognises that each child is unique and has differential aptitudes and strengths. The school has created a system by which it tracks the performance of the child from the day he enters its portals, monitors his growth, identify the weaknesses and strengths, and guide him for realising his highest potential. Also, multiple channels have been created for him to choose the path that is most appropriate for his interest and capabilities.

High aspirations for future

With the addition of the new state-of-the-art building that has a capacity of 1500 students, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, has started a new chapter in its growth and is positioned to implement National Education Policy 2020. The school’s Principal, Poonam Kochitty, who has helmed the school’s rapid transformation in the last five years, is confident of SAJS, Lucknow, emerging as one of the top centres of learning in the future.

“From day one, we have been clear in our vision of nurturing every child with love and patience. We believe in developing in our students the ability to think creatively and critically, to equip them with skills that would make them ready to face the demands and challenges of the future. We focus on developing life-skills and values like integrity, responsibility, perseverance and resilience. The world today needs morally sound and peaceful citizens, not merely academic achievers,” she said at the inauguration of the Senior Block.

These high aspirations express the vision of the Chairman of Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions, Shishir Jaipuria, who hails from a family with a long legacy in education. Today, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group runs 15 K-12 schools, five pre-schools, two business management institutes, a teacher’s training institute in Northern India and a degree college in Kolkata. The group has a broad base of more than 15,000 alumni and 20,000 students.


“Our vision is to add 25 more schools by 2025, which would be K-12 schools and pre-schools. Our Lucknow school has performed exceptionally well, and I hope it will become not just one of the best schools in Uttar Pradesh, but in India,” Shishir Jaipuria said at the inauguration.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, is all set to fulfil this vision by providing the world-class infrastructure and best teaching faculty. The mission is to set the new gold standard of education, in which academic brilliance, sporting competence, health and social-emotional development of students get equal prominence. With the start of the new academic year, the journey towards this futuristic and holistic education has begun. Click here to know more about admissions.

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