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Fitness Week – Day 5

Fitness Week – Day 5

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Get Fit Don’t Quit

An online quiz was held on the 18th  December where classes III to V and VI to VIII were active participants.

Group III-V had the quiz on Cricket where the enthusiastic players participated with great zeal and bagged away positions. The results of the quiz are as follows

  • Anirvan Kumar Singh (V B)
  • Aadvik Singh (III A)
  • Diksha Gupta (IV B)

Group VI-VIII had the topic of football

The enthusiasm in this group was also mind-blowing. Manan Singh of class VII-B bagged the award of the best player. The rest of the results are as follows

  • Atharv Jaiswal (VIII-A) & Abhiyudai Singh Bisen (VIII-A)
  • Kovid Sharma (VI-B) & Shubhankar Ghosal (VI-B)
  • Avani Srivastava (VI-A) & Ishaan Banerjee (VI-A)

On the same day i.e the 18th December we also had a virtual challenge activity.

This activity made the kids jump out of their comfort zone and be active and smart. They faced various challenges which they were able to meet vigorously.

There were many warm-up exercises to begin followed by various challenges starting with Jumping Jack, Plank, Push Up and Squat challenge. All the above challenges were done with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

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