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The journey began on 23rd November’19 from Lucknow to Bhopal. It was an infotainment trip. On the first day 24th November, the students went to Bhimbetka rock shelters and learned about the archaeological site in central India that spans the prehistoric Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, as well as the historic period. It exhibits the earliest traces of human life on the Indian subcontinent and evidence of Stone Age. It is located in the Raisen District in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh about 45 kilometers (28 mi) southeast of Bhopal. The students were excited to see the rocks and the paintings. After this, they had a sumptuous lunch at Highway Treat, Bhimbetka. The next destination was Pachmarhi, which is also known as Satpura ki Rani, a hill station in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Students stayed in the hotel ‘The Pachmarhi’. On 25th November the students explored Pachmarhi by jeep. They first visited the Bison Lodge Museum which displays the local flora and fauna with life-size stuffed animals like lions, tigers, bison, and crocodiles and also showcases exhibits of pictures, models, maps, graphs and samples of local flora. After this, they went to The Pandav Caves & learned about five ancient caves carved out of a low hillock. These caves are known as the Pandav Caves. The very name of Pahmarhi is derived from these Panch- Marhi (five caves or huts) believed to be the abode of the Pandava brothers from the epic ‘Mahabharata’. After this they went to the Bee water falls. This was the most amazing place for the students enjoyed a lot. Later they went to Jatashankar Temple which was extremely marvelous. The guide also told that the Jata Shankar Caves in Pachmarhi is considered sacred as they are popularly believed to be the place where Lord Shiva hid himself from the wrath of Bhasmasur. Lastly, they went to sunset point which was a spectacular sight. No wonder, Pachmarhi sunsets are so popular. Dhoopgarh point is also a place to relax as there is a beautiful well-maintained garden with beautiful plants and trees. It was a picturesque view to see from the hilltops. Outside the park, there were small eateries offering tea and light refreshments. We spent time there while waiting for the sunset. On 26th November was a visit to Sanchi Stupa a Buddhist complex, famous for its Great Stupa. They also saw and learned that the Tropic of Cancer is the circle of latitude on the Earth that marks the most northerly position at which the Sun may appear directly overhead at its zenith. Then they headed for the final destination, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. It’s one of India’s greenest cities. There are two main lakes, the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake. By evening students reached the hotel Amer Palace and after a short break, they had a wonderful DJ night with teachers. They danced to the enchanting music and had a gala time. This trip ended on 27th November’19 with indelible memories and lifelong learning.

Excursions are one of a kind, real world experience for a child. The sole aim is to make students participate in such excursions and field trips, is to enable them to become more independent, confident and adventurous. It helps them to face challenges, acquire decision making skills, become a team player and overall more empathetic and tolerant.

Some of the exciting trips organized in the past three years have been –

A trip to the hills of Shogi in November 2016 – A group of 29 students and 3 teachers took an exciting and fun trip to the hills of Shogi. Trekking, rappelling and campfire taught them lessons in endurance, in being independent, in sharing and adjusting.

Kufri trip in November 2017- 43 students and 5 staff members enjoyed the fun adventure activities like valley crossing, jhumaring, Burma bridge crossing and double rope crossing. These adventure activities made them stronger and more confident and they were able to overcome their fears as well.

Two excursions- one overseas and the other domestic, are in the pipeline in 2019. The first overseas trip is planned for Malaysia in November 2019. The second trip is to Bhopal and Panchmarhi in MP at the same time. A large contingent of 80 students and 9 staff members will participate in this trip.