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Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day Celebrations

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“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for”

-Ernest Hemingway

Our home, Planet Earth is threatened like never before. Mankind has wrecked havoc on it. Earth Day is a reminder to humans to set right the mindless destruction they have caused. On the occasion of Earth Day, on 22 April’19, the students of classes IX-X of Seth AnandramJaipuria School Lucknow, along with their teachers, went to Gomti River Bank, near Jhulelal Ground, to participate in Gomti Gaatha, a Cleanup Drive organized by Prithvi Innovations in collaboration with Lucknow Nagar Nigam and supported by the Forest Department.

Prithvi Utsav or Earth Day Celebrations, is an initiative to create awareness about clean rivers, planting trees and turning waste to wealth. The concept of 3 R’s were stressed upon- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The students were briefed about the work that they had to undertake. Our students showed excitement and enthusiasm to support the cause. Armed with colors, paint brushes and slogans, they were all set to paint strong messages on the river front. The students were divided into four teams, led by their teachers. Each team undertook a particular task- Team A took up the task of painting the walls with slogans and pictures related to the theme- Save the Species. Team B planted trees and put tree guards, around the planted trees. Team C and D, put on their gloves, and collected polythene and nonbiodegradable trash in separate garbage bags. This group of thoughtful and committed children, worked around happily to complete the task in a diligent manner.

After sweating it out in the sun, children were happy to see that they had made a significant contribution. They also took a pledge to save the river, not to waste water and to not let others pollute the river as river is the source of life. The Karmshaala came to an end with a promise that this endeavor will continue and children will help to create awareness. All this was done for the love of our Earth because that is what we all have in common!

Meanwhile the students back in school participated in numerous activities to celebrate Earth Day. It was a busy and exciting day.



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