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Earth Day Celebration – KG

Earth Day Celebration – KG

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Love the earth as you would love yourself…

On 22nd April, Grade KG children of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School celebrated World Earth Day through virtual classes. The theme of the day was ‘Let’s Learn about our Country on the Planet Earth and make it Beautiful’

The tiny tots took a pledge to keep their environment clean and plant more trees. Children enthusiastically performed activities by listening to story on ‘respect nature’ and made a beautiful earth by using colors on a circle.

They also learnt how we can save our earth by reusing plastic and segregating garbage.

They were advised to take care of the plants by watering them and not plucking leaves or flowers.

They were also made aware about the present covid 19.and the importance of keeping our surrounding clean so that we may lead a healthy and happy life.

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