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Dr. Tuli Chatterjee from La Guardia College New York- Guest Speaker

Dr. Tuli Chatterjee from La Guardia College New York- Guest Speaker

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On November 21, 2020, the children of both the sections of class 8thof SAJS Lucknow, logged in to an interactive Zoom session with Dr. Tuli Chatterjee, Associate Professor at La Guardia Community College, City University, New York, who connected with the school, at midnight, all the way from the other side of the globe.

Dr. Tuli Chatterjee has been involved with various humanitarian projects and worked to provide a lasting solution, including the problem of water scarcity.

Clean drinking water is a dwindling resource which is a major problem worldwide. The privileged ones take the existence of this resource for granted and end up wasting water irresponsibly. However, the students’ perspectives shifted when they heard the story of SalvaDut, a man from Sudan.  Dr. Chatterjee narrated the story of Salva from the book, ‘A Long Walk to Water’ written by Linda Sue Park. The book highlights the past and the current effects of water scarcity on the people and especially the children of Sudan, who have to migrate for thousands of miles in search of water and food, and young girls who are deprived of school education as they have to collect water from far-off places. The Students learned the need to be empowered and in turn empower others, just asSalvaDut, who returned to Sudan, as a US citizen had done. On discovering that his father whom he had not seen for years, was suffering from an acute water-borne disease, Salva decided to drill a well for his homeland, which started the project- Water for Sudan.

She also shared how the book “A long walk to water” persuaded her to meet the organization ‘Water for South Sudan’ which SalvaDut is currently running. He is engaged in drilling wells to provide clean drinking water to the people of Sudan and to change and save several lives. The students were pleased to know how several school students in The USA were major contributors to raising funds for the organization.

Finally, during the Q & A time, the students got the opportunity to ask questions that rose in their minds. The students got to know Dr. Tuli professionally and personally, and the awe-inspiring stories she narrated, made the forty-minute zoom session seem short.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. We hope that many of the students will be inspired to serve society through this session. They also hope to become a part of the organization in the future and serve the community to improve human life.

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