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Dahi Chatka – Chaat an all Time Favorite

Dahi Chatka – Chaat an all Time Favorite

In the culinary world of pizzaz and burgers, “Paani Puri” and “Chaat” is still the hot favorite snack of Indians.

The Pre-Primary wing of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School had “Dahi Chatka” a part of their fireless cooking activity. The children were delighted to make holes in”golgappas” and fill in chopped onions, whisked curd, sprinkle chaat masala and rock salt, finally garnishing it with tangy “pichku tamarind sauce” and coriander. They learned new words like sprinkle, chopped, garnish, coriander, squeeze, whisk, crunchy, tangy, etc.

At the end it was visible that they couldn’t wait to taste their delicious creation. Some of them could not resist and took a second helping which they relished to their heart’s content.

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