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Culture is Unique and Diverse and When Two Cultures Meet, it Creates a Beautiful Bond

Culture is Unique and Diverse and When Two Cultures Meet, it Creates a Beautiful Bond

“Culture is unique and diverse and when two cultures meet, it creates a beautiful bond”.

On 8 Dec 2020, the students of class XI, had a discussion in our English class about ethnic and racial disparities. Our Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty, shared a blog written by the actress, Kalki Koechlin, where she spoke about her relationship with her partner Guy Hershberg. Kalki and Guy’s relationship is built on mutual faith and respect. They have embraced their diverse backgrounds, religion, culture, customs and food to build a beautiful relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Our English teacher, Ms. Shilpi Kumar, initiated the discussion and the students expressed their thoughts, on cross cultural connections that challenge unnecessary stereotypical beliefs and personal biases.

In such relationships it is important that the lives of both become more enriched through acceptance and appreciation without compromising on their personal space and taste. One partner alone is not expected to adapt and sacrificing their own beliefs to make the other happy.

Respecting different perspectives is a precious gift. One gets to learn so much from interacting with people who come from diverse cultures. It minimizes stereotypes and helps us to understand the world better.

We learnt that diversity is not about how we differ.  It’s about embracing each other’s uniqueness.

It was an interactive session with our Principal and English teacher. We look forward to such sessions on a regular basis.

Khushi Yadav
XI Humanities
SAJS, Lucknow

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