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Class Presentation V- B

Class Presentation V- B

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Class Presentation is the best way to engage with parents and share with them, not just the vision of the school, but also give them a feel of what their child experiences at school each day. On 20th August, the first class presentation of the session was organized, where parents had the opportunity to witness their child upfront and engage in an interaction with the Principal, Head Mistress and class teacher. 100% participation is the hallmark of such events and every child is encouraged. We at Seth Anandram Jaipuria, live by the vision statement of the school to create a happy and confident child.

The presentation started with the class teacher addressing the parents and explaining the purpose of class presentation followed by the Welcome Address by the Head Mistress Ms Monika Taneja. Emphasis was laid on a joint effort of parents and teachers to show the right direction to the kids. The School Counsellor Ms. Shalini Singh was introduced to the parents.

The Presentation started with the lighting of lamp followed by several interesting programs each conveying a strong message. There was a Fusion dance, a skit depicting the importance of Mathematics in our daily life. Then several children expressed and shared what they liked most in the school

Three students then made a hearty appeal through their message – Let’s make peace not war. A wonderful dance showed the Caterpillar transforming into a butterfly conveying the message that growth happens through struggle and evolvement. The Street Play on Save Water was greatly applauded by the parents

The hour long program concluded with a Group Song.

In the end the Principal took up a half an hour session with the parents, discussing several pertinent points concerning the upbringing of their children, the importance of teaching life skills, how values are learnt at home and why parents need to be role models. She urged parents to have regular meaningful talk with their children and. inculcate reading habits in them right from infancy. She told them the need to go on frequent leisure trip with their kids. This would help them to gain a rich experience, and exposure to diverse cultures, food language, geographical and historical settings

 “Children are like wet cement. What falls on them makes an impression.” The Presentation concluded with the suggestion that parents should be mindful in the way they interact with children and practice meditation and reflection with them.

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