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“Strive for progress, not for perfection.”No one can be perfect all the time but progress is the only thing one can strive for. On 23rd October’19, the students of Class III B put up an enthralling class presentation.

Class presentations are a great way to connect with parents, give them a chance to see their child up close and see every child of the class perform.The students of class lllB wowed their parents with spectacular performances. From the word go Jhanvi, Shambhavi and Avni set the bar high with their impeccable diction, confidence &elan. The Lamp Lighting ceremony was accompanied with the recital of the shlok – “Saraswati Mahabhage, Vidya Kamlochne. Vidyaparupa Vishalakshmi, Vidya Dehinamosutte.

The children then presented a soulful prayer “Make Me A Channel of Your Peace” followed by a WELCOME SONG performed by the whole class. A video showed glimpses of their journey in class lll which the parents appreciated a lot. Shivansh Sharma then thanked the parents for their love and care.

A Hindi Elocution “Suit Pehan Ker Hathi Dada Chorahe Per Aae”showed a conversation between a squirrel and an elephant.The next performance was a poem presented by Kushagra Mishra “Outside My Window” in which he narrated how his window is a world full of endless possibilities.

Thereafter an English poem “Pimple Problem” was flawlessly recited by the kids.

One of the USPs of our school is the assemblies which are held on every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the primary section. The importance of these assemblies and the values learnt from these were told by Avni and Jhanvi to the parents along with a video showing glimpses of the assemblies.

कागजकीकश्तीथी , पानीकाकिनाराथा l खेलनेकीमस्तीथीयहदिलआवाराथा l

कहांआगएइससमझदारीकेदलदलमें ,वहनादानबचपनभीकितनाप्याराथा I

One of the happiest moment of one’s life is childhood. But when we try to recall our childhood memories we realize that our parents gave a lot of time to their children and the games we played were very different. As technology revolutionized our lives, both parents and children began spending more time on gadgets like smart phones and laptops, consequently interactions were impacted. The children of III B put up a street play with a strong message to parents “We need your presence not your presents.”

Next the children spoke about the school vision and the ABC’s of character building. A dance performed on the song “Ye To Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan Hai” along with a video of the happy moments with their parents made many parents teary eyed.

PLAN TO WIN, PREPARE TO WIN AND EXPECT TO WIN” is a mantra at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow. Kushagra informed the parents of the various achievements of our school. The children then talked about the hobby clubs, house system, sports, self-awareness and excursion programs that they take part in. Before the concluding programsvideos were shown to the parents showcasing the academic and co-curricular activities along with the achievements.

A heart touching, song by Kushagra Mishra to the tune of “Papa kehte hai badanaam karega” was played on the guitar. Finally, the last event of the day was a mesmerising Arabian dance performance. The event came to an end with the ‘Vote of Thanks’by Aaditya and Ojas.

In the end, Principal Mrs. Poonam Kochitty addressed the parents giving them valuable parenting tips on communication, spending time with the kids, being a role model and focusing on values, nurturing life skills and strengthening their spiritual connect and developing reading habits.

When the event got over the parents were asked to give the feedback which was heartwarming.

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