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Class Presentation – IV A

Class Presentation – IV A

On 28th August, the first Class Presentation of Class IV A was organised at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. The purpose of this class presentation was to share the vision of the school with the parents, share the talents of their children and also give them a peep into the activities that their children are engaged in.

The program commenced with welcome by Class Teacher, Mrs. Roli Pandey, followed by the Lamp Lighting ceremony.

Quality Education with a difference is the motto’ of Seth Anandram Jaipuria school. We aim to make our children healthy, happy, productive and creative. For this, we give them a joyful learning experience. Teaching learning regularly incorporates technology and equipping the students with essential skills for the future.

The children talked about the various hobby clubs, achievements, self-awareness programs conducted at school every now and then, and about the informative assemblies which are conducted by the teachers every day using Sway presentations.

Children presented an amazing Yoga Dance and beautiful Lucknow Gharana Kathak.

Through skit and dance, the children conveyed loud and clear the message of how plastic is damaging our environment and the necessary steps required to save our Earth.

Finally, the Principal addressed the parents stressing the need for parents to interact with their children, the importance of reading and other life skill lessons.  She laid stress on the need to be a well balanced individual, who can handle his/her emotions, handle challenges and conflicts and not just someone who has mastered and acquired A grades.


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