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Class Presentation day two with 2-A was a Treat to the Eyes

Class Presentation day two with 2-A was a Treat to the Eyes

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Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.  -Mattie Stepanek

Class Presentations is a step to give each and every child a platform to come, speak, and showcase their talents. The students of Grade 2-A put up a spectacular show  Class Presentation on 14th March 2022.

The virtual program commenced with the ‘lighting of the lamp’. The presentation consisted of programs like ‘Guru Vani, prayer song (Hare Rama, Hare Krishan), yoga where the students showcased the twelve postures of Surya namaskar. The computer literacy program was a surprise for parents as it transported them to their childhood. Story narration through puppetry (The Lion and the Clever Fox and Phuta Ghara) and poem recitation (Prakriti ka Sandesh) were delightful. Our budding artists showcased their talents by singing songs like ‘All the Girls around the world’ and ‘Raag Hameer’.  They also presented their hobbies which they like pursuing like cycling, playing musical instruments, drawing, art and craft, science experiments, etc. They did not shy away from discussing their favorite subjects like Art and Hindi and discussing the storybooks that they had read recently.

 The GK Quiz was a big success as almost everyone present in the show participated actively.

The showstoppers of the presentation were Aahana Gupta and Leisha Verma; They infused energy through their immaculate anchoring. The dance performance as the finale was a befitting ending.

Principal Mrs. Kochitty, in her address, praised the children for their performances and gave a few suggestions to the teachers and parents for bringing out the best in all the kids. The Coordinator, Sangeeta Batra also congratulated the students and parents for making the program a grand success.

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