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Christmas Carnival and Story Book Characters

Christmas Carnival and Story Book Characters

Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy among kids and elders.The arrival of Santa Claus is always awaited by the little eyes in the hope for getting gifts and sweets.

The Pre-Primary wing organized a special assembly on 24th December 2018.Parent volunteers baked cakes and brought cookies for the children. The feast began with the cutting of the X-Mas tree shaped cake brought by the parent of Manav Singh. Other parent volunteers were the mother of Waniya Khan, Arav Chandra, Yuwaan and Maaz.

The children were dressed up as Mother Mary, Father Joseph, Angels, Kings, Shepherd, Sheep, Reindeer and the North Star. They sang carols and danced on“Jingle bells…” The special appearance of two teachers disguised as Santa Claus excited the children as they distributed lollipops and danced along with them.A popcorn vendor and a candy man were arranged for the children.


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