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Children’s Day Celebration in Pre Primary Wing

Children’s Day Celebration in Pre Primary Wing

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Pre Primary wing of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School celebrated Children’s Day offline over the week. The meticulous planning entailed a limited number of children per day.

The children seemed excited, as it was their first Children’s Day celebration since the pandemic. The day started with school prayer and energizing songs to which the students danced enthusiastically. 

 The students were overjoyed to be on the ground for fun games organized by their sports teacher.  Excitement could be seen since morning amongst the young ones, as they were eagerly waiting for the Fun sports day activities to start. A wide range of physical activities like Obstacle race, Crazy cone, run with the ball, etc. were among others that were organized. The students energetically participated in all the activities and games.
The students were full of enthusiasm and zeal throughout the day.

The fun day encouraged our young enthusiasts to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence.

The children made cards as take away and had their favorite animals like horses, unicorns, lions and birds tattooed on their hands. Some of them were too excited to choose their own tattoo design. Finally, they got Pizza boxes and juice

It was a day filled with fun and the students returned with memories to be cherished forever.

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