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Children Must be Taught ‘How‘ to Think not ‘What’ to Think

Children Must be Taught ‘How‘ to Think not ‘What’ to Think

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The Primary assembly on 4th February was a learning experience for each one of us, students and teachers alike. Our little star Sayuri Kadian of grade 1 wowed the audience with her spectacular assembly presentation on ‘Do unicorns really exist?’

She independently made a presentation using “Sway” and began with questions as to how many of them believed that unicorns are for real.  This was followed by a series of slides on unicorns and a few facts related to the same. She also talked about other one horned creatures like the narwhal and Indian rhinoceros which made everyone wonder whether unicorns did exist at some point of time or not. The session was interesting and interactive. Sayuri asked simple questions to the audience to which they responded actively. The assembly concluded with fun a video song ‘unicorn walking on the rainbow’.

The fact that children are great imitators and they learn by seeing was distinctly exhibited in Sayuri’s presentation, which she conducted independently and confidently. It was quite a reflection of the school’s culture that considers morning assembly an integral positive start to the day.

This effortless assembly presentation by Sayuri was not just a boost to her confidence but was also a source of encouragement for others to build on their potential. Her presentation throws light on the fact that earning is an on-going process and a young student can be a great teacher too.







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