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CBSE Capacity Building Programme in Career Guidance

CBSE Capacity Building Programme in Career Guidance

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CBSE Capacity Building Programme in Career Guidance

On 6th and 07th September’19 a workshop was organised by the Centre of Excellence, CBSE, Allahabad at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow. The session was on Capacity Building in Career Guidance to empower teachers and equip them with skills to help students choose their career wisely. The session was conducted by Ms. Pooja Sehgal, Principal, Kanya Kubja Public School, Kanpur and Dr. Sharanjit Kaur, Principal, Sunbeam School, Sultanpur.

Through the day there were discussions revolving around the difference between a career and job; the thin line of difference between advice, guidance and counselling was also taken up.

The resource person Dr. Sharanjit Kaur emphasised on the drill of SWOT analysis to help the children in choosing an appropriate career in life. She said that the students should be ready with a plan B and they must understand the importance of personality and aptitude required in the career chosen by them.

Ms. Pooja Sehgal suggested that schools could have a career corner in the school and the subject teachers should post the updates related to the careers related to their subject. The prerequisites for building it like place, accessibility, size, display, material and equipment were discussed through individual speakers.

Some interesting activities were taken up during the session, basically targeting on self-exploration. Through the activities, it was concluded that self-awareness helps an individual feel more competent, confident and stress free and aids in decision making.

To understand the topic better, various case stories were discussed for the participants to understand the various career paths that could be taken up by the students. Ms. Sehgal stated that it is important to explore how career options change over time due to a variety of social, economic situations. Career guidance, at an appropriate age can help students cope with a lot of issues that may come up later in their life and thus helps them to save their time and allows them to tread the right path.

A lot of brainstorming was done through an activity on jobs seen in the community, their responsibilities   duties and their working conditions to understand that what may look lucrative on the outside may be associated with a lot of challenges and long working hours. Dr. Kaur emphasised that if teachers are equipped and updated, they will guide and mentor students and make them future ready.

A group activity about the dimensions of career information was conducted. The motive was to guide the students in a positive way and tell them about the intricacies of a particular profession. It focussed on development of a positive mindset and providing clear information about various options available to the students.

Strategies and resources used in imparting career information like career talk, career quiz, career fair, individual projects, etc were discussed. A short discussion about career curriculum was taken up.

The final session dealt with career guidance for students with special abilities. The groups shared various career options available for people with learning disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and with physical and mental disabilities.

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