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Catch for the Day

Catch for the Day

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My dear one Waniya Ayah Khan of Class Nursery really enjoys coming to school, the reason being several activities organized by the school. Activities like “Catch for the day” help students to learn about new things in a fun way. This activity was a creative way of letting students and their mothers spend quality time together on a hot summer day. The school really puts in the efforts to organize events which make the parenting bond stronger and brings students as well as their parents out of their shell. I personally have never experienced this in any other school before. The school team encourages mothers to participate in such events, which brings back their childhood. I being anintrovert never opened up in public or discovered my hidden talent of dancing. After becoming a mother we almost forget our inner self. We start living for others and fulfilling our responsibilities. We don’t have time for ourselves to enjoy with our kids. These are some memories created by the School which will be with me forever. I as a mother, really thank the school for such a beautiful morning.

Shaheda Farhan

M/o Waniya Ayah Khan




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