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Career Counselling Webinar Being Future Ready

Career Counselling Webinar Being Future Ready

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“Let career be a choice and not a chance” -Dr Amrita Dass

On 27th November 2020, Seth Anandram Jaipuria, Lucknow, had the honour of hosting Dr Amrita Dass, a leading Educationist and Career Consultant, on a virtual platform, for a career counselling webinar for the students of IX-XI.

Dr Amrita Das is the Founder-Director of ICS International and has the distinction of pioneering the career counselling and guidance services in India. She is also the chairperson and managing director of ICS Educational Limited.

Career counselling enables students to choose the right career and become future-ready. Dr Dass discussed the megatrends and quantum leaps in technology. She stressed that information is power in the present time. She spoke about the New Education Policy and what it holds for students. Dr Dass focussed on a holistic approach and addressing the weaknesses which help the students to know themselves.

In today’s productive session, students were told about career planning methodology, different myths and misconceptions amongst students about the stream affecting their career. Not only this, but Dr Dass has developed an app for helping students who are in a dilemma about what they have to do after school. The app is called-ICS Career GPS – for ideal courses, campuses and careers.ICS methodology works on three steps-

  1. Know yourself
  2. Inform yourself
  3. Plan for yourself.

She concluded the session with what Aristotle told Alexander- “Know Thy Self”.

It was an enriching session for the SAJS students which was only possible with the help of Principal, Mrs Poonam Kochitty and Dr AmritaDass. The other panellist were- Mr Pankaj Rathore, Headmaster; Ms Shilpi Agarwal, Activity Coordinator; Ms Shilpi Kumar, HOD English; Ms Shalini Singh, Counsellor.  The Principal expressed her gratitude to Dr Dass and hoped to work together in future.


Aryaka Srivastava

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