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CANDID TALKS with Mr UP and model Arnav Chowdhry Interesting Interaction with Jaipuria Students

CANDID TALKS with Mr UP and model Arnav Chowdhry Interesting Interaction with Jaipuria Students

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We were pleased to host Mr Arnav Choudhry, title-holder of Mr Uttar Pradesh 2020-21, on a fair winter afternoon of 23rd December 2021. Mr Arnav Chowdhary is a professional model and a title- holder of Mr. Spatak 2019. He has been awarded by Bigg Boss fame, Himanshi Khurana. He has had the privilege of doing various shows with actors like Raza Murad and Bigg Boss contestants Kushal Tandon and Vishal Aditya Singh. He has also been a showstopper for designer Karan and has done many runways. He is also a jewellery 

designer, and he is looking forward to launch his jewellery brand.
The students of SAJS Lucknow were awe-inspired by his esteemed presence and his journey of winning the pageant. The event started with a short video clip of Mr Chowdhry’s crowning moment, followed by felicitating our esteemed guest with a memento. The floor was then left open for a brief Q and A session. The questions raised by the students echoed their curiosity and earnestness to know more about the journey of Mr Arnav Chowdhry and his struggles. They raised pertinent questions like balancing academic performance and pursuing their passion. The guest also shared insightful experiences from his journey relating to facing criticism, gender stereotyping etc. The event ended on a very positive note when the headmaster, Mr Pankaj Rathore, emphasized the importance of giving oneself a chance at pursuing their passion. He also reiterated the need to stay unaffected by criticism and develop a vision of one’s own.
Post an enriching Q and A session with the students, Mr Chowdhry was interviewed for our chat show, Candid Talks by Radio Spark. The interview witnessed candid and thought-provoking conversations on making life and career choices, the idea of self-righteousness and handling failures and criticism.
It was a delightful experience for Seth Anandram Jaipuria School to have Mr Arnav Chowdhry with us and gain insight into his life and pursuit of goals.

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