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Can we study alone at home forever?

Can we study alone at home forever?

Humans are social and seek friends and family to help learn and motivate. If we imagine ourselves on a remote island wherein, we are alone and do whatever we feel like we would not stay happy for long. We may enjoy for a few days but after that we would get bored and clueless of what to do.

According to my father when he went to stay in a hostel after passing his class XII, he was very happy that he would be alone and will be able to do whatever he wishes to do. But he enjoyed his freedom only in the first semester and after that the freedom was of no meaning as there was nobody around him to tell what to do and what not to. He missed his parents and even school teachers.

At this time of lockdown when students may feel that they are getting their best possible dream of their life by getting a holiday from Holi till Diwali, as the schools are shutdown, but believe me not going to school is no fun at all. We as children enjoy being with our friends and companions to get an exposure that helps us learn, experience, act and thus enhance our personality.

To quite an extent this  is taken care by the online classes conducted in my school, where we get connected and  interact with our teachers and classmates who share their time daily to make the best during this unprecedented time.

We should feel lucky that we still are getting the best at the worst time. I am sure you will agree with me that we cannot study alone at home forever.

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