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BLOGBAIT- Wynberg Allen, A Great Exposure

BLOGBAIT- Wynberg Allen, A Great Exposure

BLOGBAIT- Wynberg Allen, A Great Exposure

Before going to Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie, I wasn’t sure if there would be anything to learn, except the competition itself. But after those unforgettable couple of days which I spent there, my perspective changed.

Although it can’t be expressed and aptly depicted in words, the scenic beauty of the place is worth talking about. The lush green hills seemed to fade in the chilly mist in the atmosphere, and their tops seemed to disappear in the clouds. The dazzling lights from Dehradun illuminated the dusk. One could spend hours looking at the scene without a feeling of boredom. The school itself, built in an old English style, was spread over 135 acres and most of it was lush green and had an eco friendly environment.

We had reached the school quite early compared to other schools which gave us an even better opportunity to explore and observe the place. We got to share our rooms with the students of many reputed schools such as Sherwood College of Nainital.

The infrastructure of the school was one I never imagined a school could have. Olympic size swimming pools and basketball courts, fully equipped gymnasiums, the gardens and the auditorium were some of the things that thrilled me to bits.

But the thing that really enthralled me was the discipline of the students. One badge holder was enough to create pin drop silence in the dining hall full of about 200 boys. Each person who wore a badge set a perfect example of an ideal student and was a role model not only for them but for me too. Their personality was the difference between them and rest of the crowd. They commanded immense respect and approval from others. There was a solemn feeling in every duty they fulfilled. Apart from them, other students had also devoted themselves completely to the preparations required for the success of the literary festival.

I felt extremely happy and proud to represent Jaipuria School. Though, I missed to qualify for the Spell Bee in which I participated by just a mark, nonetheless, Devanshi of our school made us all proud and gave us a reason to celebrate by bagging the first position.

This exposure has really given me a moment to reflect. I can bet I am never going to get the same spellings wrong ever in the future. I also realized that there’s a long way to go to actually being the best when I move out of the schools’ four walls.

Sanskar Singh


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