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BLOGBAIT—–MUN at Ghaziabad

BLOGBAIT—–MUN at Ghaziabad

BLOGBAIT—–MUN at Ghaziabad

As students we get a lot of opportunities to explore our creativity in the field of languages, art, craft and other fields. Model United Nations at SAJS, Ghaziabad came as a great opportunity to explore the dynamic field of world politics, policy making, international and national conflict resolution etc.

 It was my first MUN and I can say for sure that it was the most exhilarating competition I have participated in so far. It was not so much a competition than an exercise in research, analysis and argument. It was an eye opener to the fact that the youth today can be instrumental in changing the face of world politics. The best part was learning the art of coming into alliances with other representative delegations and lobbying for the best interest of the agenda. It made me feel empowered and inculcated in me a sense of responsibility towards resolving issues of the world at a future date.

I can say for sure that I would certainly be participating in MUNs in the future as well. I also recommend my fellow students to participate in MUNs to get a platform where they can debate, discuss, research,analyse, observe and most importantly learn the fact that problems of the future will be solved by the youth of today .


Manya Kadian


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