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BLOGBAIT – Hostellers Celebrate Diwali

BLOGBAIT – Hostellers Celebrate Diwali

‘May the colors of rangoli be full of colors of happiness, success and health for all of us. Happy Diwali to all’.

A blissful day, it was indeed. I was moving towards the hostel; my energy was all drained. I was ready to doze off when suddenly I heard some excited sounds. There was a hustle in the lobby. Everyone raced out of the dormitories, their eyes shining bright as shooting stars. I got to know that a DJ party was going to be held for all the hostellers. Class 12 boarders were called downstairs to do the markings on the ground with the help of Yogesh, Nawaid and Sachin sir. Nidhi ma’am and I together completed a rangoli. Then, we went back,
got ready and assembled on the ground with other boarders. Wedecorated the ground with Diyas and lit them. The best thing was the DJ.We danced joyously to the beats. It was more like a triumphant celebration after having fought and won a battle. We offered our prayers to the Almighty God. Then a few students burst crackers. We were served snacks as well as beverages. All around our school, the houses were lit beautifully. It was a rip-roaring finale prior to the end of our second semester and the Diwali break. We moved upstairs to our
dormitories and slept after this exhilarating experience.

Written By
Devansh Agarwal
Grade XII

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