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Blogbait – Covid is here to Stay

Blogbait – Covid is here to Stay

The renowned COVID-19 has reshaped the whole world. It has affected every organism on this earth in both negative and positive ways. It has changed the way of living of humankind. Almost the whole world is locked inside homes. It’s forcing mankind to innovate and change the way we work and live. People are finding different ways to communicate with each other and working with each other to maintain social distancing.

COVID has affected the economy,politics,nourishment and education sectors in a phenomenal manner.

As the education system is  affected; schooling and the way of teaching has also changed. Children are learning through live online classes, doing online assignments, giving online exams and even doing their hobby activities online. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in educational institutions across the world being compelled to suddenly harness and utilize the suite of available technological tools to create content for remote learning for students in all sectors. Educational system would also have some changes post-COVID. Students will continue learning from their homes in any circumstances. There would be no worthless holidays. COVID has given a preview of how learning would materialize in future. Students do Skype sessions and several meetings from school in which they connect to different people from different countries. But now they can attend those from their respective homes as they have learned technological skills. COVID-19 has caused people to adopt working from home and in isolation. Children will also learn social distancing manners and they’ll become more and more hygienic. As more and more diseases and pandemics would come in this globalized world, education will definitely make prepare students for that. Schools would have large classes with less number of students. The schools which used to be unhygienic and without washrooms and sanitation, those will unquestionably shut down or will be forced to do so. Cleanliness would matter a lot post-COVID. In China, schooling has completely changed after COVID.

After so many months of lockdown, China has reopened their schools and again students are coming to school and are ready to learn, but factors like cleanliness, social-distance and hygiene are kept in mind. In China, the bags of students are always getting sanitized before entering the school. Students are supposed to wear a mask and tiny tots are made to wear a long, colourful, spiky cap which helps them to maintain social distancing. India would also do the same when the dark clouds of Covid would escape. Also, in this ever-changing global environment, young people require resilience and adaptability – skills that are proving to be essential to navigate effectively through this pandemic.

Looking into the future, some of the most important skills that employers will be looking for will be creativity, communication and collaboration, alongside empathy and emotional intelligence; and being able to work across demographic lines of differences to harness the power of the collective through effective teamwork.Hence, teaching life skills are obligatory for the future.

Whatever the situation is,both education and learning should never stop. The children are the future of the world and making them independent by education is the most important thing and by anyhow. Innovations will never stop and solutions would always be there in any situation. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Written by
Twisha Srivastava

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