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BLOGBAIT…A Special Flight

BLOGBAIT…A Special Flight

Hello everyone, on my recent tours by airplanes I noticed that there were many people who appeared bored . I decided  to share my own experience on the time I spent in air and also while waiting for my next flight.

It was 7 March,2020 I had a flight to catch  to Hyderabad international airport. And from there, an onward flight to Port Blair. There wasn’t much time to spend in the air but twice the time at the airport. Spending time at the  Lucknow airport was the worst . I would  prefer to be trapped with zombies than to sit and stare at unknown  faces. And to add to my misery is the Corona virus scare  and a book which  I have recently read “Eye days ” a book full of prediction which are related to innumerable deaths.

 When we arrived at the Hyderabad International airport I was amazed to see that the people were concerned about cleanliness and ensuring that they did not litter. I spend nearly 4 hours at the Hyderabad international airport and then we were ready to take off for Port Blair the most magical thing which happened that was , that my father’s friend was the pilot of the plane we were travelling on. So when we arrived at Port Blair he showed us the  control panel in the cockpit  He also showed  me how  the plane flies.Back there in Port Blair we had our friends ,who were spending these vacations with us, waiting for us in a cab.I specially remember this trip because I was lucky to see the control panel of the plane and meet ‘Mr.Pilot’.



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