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Outdoor Cooking- An Exposure to Practical Learning and Survival Skills


On November 1, 2018 we had outdoor classroom activity. There were three activities- cycling, kite flying and cooking. These activities were organized to show children that we can learn many things outside the classroom like team building, dividing work and responsible behavior.

We decided to take part in cooking activity which is a survival skill. We had to make beverage-‘Tea’. The students were divided in a group of 5. For us, it was our first time to make tea, and it was filled with fun, frolic and lots of learning. We had to make our own choohlas(stoves) with bricks and burn camphor dried leaves and wood sticks in it. The simple recipe of aromatic ginger tea was followed. The flavorsome tea was made with the efforts of all the students. We were told to be magnanimous, by serving tea to the helpers and staff members.

We were delighted to complete this activity and we are grateful to our Principal ma’am and teachers who gave us this opportunity.



ManshaVerma and Sanskriti Singh

Teacher Training Programme


It’s been almost a year since Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow was awarded the coveted Microsoft School status. Since then there has been no looking back as the teachers and students have repeatedly performed and won laurels on the International Forum. To acquaint the new staff members with the use of Office 365 a Microsoft Training Workshop was held in school on 3rd November, 2018.

The session began with a short introduction to Microsoft and its role in the world of education. Mr. Pankaj, our Senior Coordinator shared how the use of Office 365 applications like Sway have benefitted the staff and students. He briefed the Resource Person Ms.MeenakshiOberoi, Founding Director,De Pedagogics of all our achievements in the field of Microsoft in the past one year. The Resource Person shared that she was happy to see the zealous faces.

She apprised the new members how Office 365 is a comprehensive setof tools and apps that enable teaching, non- teachingstaff members, and students to effectively communicate, edit documents, share files, store information, assignments, and much more.

She continuously focused on using One Drive which is accessed from the cloud to promote collaboration, learning, and improved productivity in real-time.

The teachers got firsthand experience of One Note. They created notes that included text, tables, pictures, drawings and learnt how to directly make notes and use the material saved at various locations.

She also introduced Microsoft Forms that allow us to easily create quizzes and worksheets, Sway for classroom presentations, a variety of learning tools, and Class Notebooks. During the workshop, the use of tools like Calendar, Streaming were highlighted for managing Time table, grades, collaborating with students, and accessing materials in the event of student’s absence from the school.

The most exciting part of the workshop for the teachers was where they created Quizzes, and worksheets using ‘Form’ and shared them with each other through a link or QR Codes. The teachers also got an opportunity to work on online PowerPoint Presentations that they shared with each other.

She demonstrated the benefits of using Microsoft Edge as a web browser where one can open a web page and add additional notes and comments and save it in ones’ own One Note.

In this training session, we had covered the basics of Office 365 Education and how its features and functions can make classroom management, school communication and learning a whole lot easier. Although, the workshop left the teachers a little over whelmed but at the same time the innovative tools and apps left the teachers asking for more.




“Diwali marks the victory of good over evil”

Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow, celebrated diwali with gaiety and fervor on 5 November ‘18. Exuberance was written on faces of young Jaipurians as they donned the festive colours and performed their parts with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The students of Pre-Primary performed a skit to show the return of Lord Rama and MaaSita to the holy city of Ayodhya. The skit started from the scene of Sita Haran and concluded with Lord Rama returning to Ayodhaya.Sharnaya Raj was convincing as MaaSita whereas Om Mishra looked imperial as Lord Rama. Ravan was played by MauasdeedAnand and Sanidhya suited the role of Lakshman. Apoorva looked convincing as Vibhishan and Trijata was played by ManasviAwasthi.The performances of our tiny tots, was heart- warming as they did justice to their roles and spoke with confidence.

The morning assembly conducted by juniorsexhibited the importance of festivals in our lives and how we celebrate diwali. Children were excited to share their thoughts and experiences. Children were also told about the reason to worship Laxmi and Ganesh who bless us with wisdom, peace, prosperity and intelligence. The valuable lesson about gaining wealth without intellect will only result in misuse of wealth, was stressed upon. This was followed with an enthralling dance performance by the students of IV-B- Ishita, Arshita, Elina, Bhavya and Lavanya. Shruti and Aryan of class V-A enlightened the students on the topic ‘ Eco Walk with Greener Thought’ which was followed by street play on ‘Say No to Crackers’ by Shruti, Vatsal, Pranay, Kushagra and Shreya. A short video on was screened on the life of small children who are forced to work in firecracker factories.

The celebrations concluded on a thoughtful note by our Principal, Mrs. PoonamKochitty, to help those who are not so fortunate as we all are. She stressed upon joy of giving and to celebrate eco-friendly diwali.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous diwali.

Surprise Diwali Celebrations


Last night has been a bliss for me. I got to know that a special was going to be held for all the hostellers. I was on my bed ready to doze off when suddenly things changed. Everyone raced out of the dormitories, eyes shining bright as shooting stars (because it was the first time we would have a DJ party). We rushed downstairs to the ground. Here my dream came alive. We decorated the ground with tealight candles and lit them. The best thing was DJ (party time!!). We danced and danced like never before. I was literally sweating. It was as if we were celebrating victory after having won a battle. We then assembled at one place in the ground and offered a prayer to Almighty God. Then some students burst crackers.

We were then served snacks as well as beverages. All around our school, the houses were lit beautifully. The lights lit the roofs of the houses.

It was a thrilling finale prior to the end of our second semester and the Diwali break. We trooped upstairs to our dormitories and slept dreaming of our home and the Festival of Lights.

Devansh Agarwal






Missile Man Of India


“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


Guest Speakers – A great way to commit to education. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, has always believed in taking education beyond classrooms. In this pursuit, we invite professionals from all walks of life to come and share their  experiences with our young students. This helps the students to shape their personality and to be ready for future endeavours.

On 01 November 2018, Lt. Col. Amitabh Kumar from Indian Army, was the guest speaker who shared his experiences about being in the army. He got commissioned in the regiment of Artillery and  has donned the uniform for two decades. He has specialised in the launching of Missiles.  He spoke about the Missile Man of India- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and his contribution in the defence sector which has set our country apart from others. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was a man who dreamed and whose passion in life was to inspire others to dream. Col. Amitabh said , “ What makes Dr. Kalam’s life an inspiration is that he started from humble beginnings in a remote village in Rameswaram and went on to become a great scientist and the eleventh President of our country.”

Col. Amitabh highlighted the qualities of this great man who loved interacting with students. Dr. Kalam spent his whole life in making India a better country in the field of science and technology. He always used to encourage the youth of India through his speeches, works and writings. Col. Amitabh was fortunate to have worked with Dr. Kalam on a DRDO Project. He shared his experience about meeting the man in person and was bowled over by his simplicity and dedication towards his work. Col. Amitabh enlightened the students about the different missiles  and their ranges, that were developed under the guidance of Dr. Kalam- Prithvi and Agni. Students were excited to learn about these missiles. He told students about India signing a treaty for not using these weapons unless threatened. He also told students that Indians are in safe hands where the Armed Forces are concerned as the Armed Forces are always ready to safeguard the country.

The Gunner officer asked the students to believe in themselves as they are the future of our country. He advised them to dream and work hard to fulfill their dreams. He was open to questions from students and answered them patiently. Our  Principal, Mrs. Poonam Kochitty, thanked him for his time and the information he shared with Jaipurians. The assembly concluded by giving him a token of appreciation.

Inter House Rangoli And Just A Minute Activity

East Meets West- Inter House Rangoli And Just A Minute Activity


With Deepawali round the corner, festivities at Seth Anandram Jaipuria, Lucknow continued with the Inter House Rangoli Competition held on 31st October, 2018to bring forth the creativity of our supremely talented students. The rangolis made by the four houses was an amalgamation of vibrant hues and creativity.

The students of all the four houses creatively through their rangolis presented what Deepawali meant to them. The winners of the First Prize, Krishna House made an ornate dove spreading the message of bursting one’s ego this festive season and not crackers. The Second Prize winners Ganga House innovatively wove in their rangoli, Sustainable Development Goals numbers 2, 3, 7 and 12. The Third Prize was bagged by Godavari House.

Whilst some of the children were busy adorning the reception area with their beautiful creations, others enjoyed fun rounds ofJust A Minute Activity that wenton in the Assembly hall. The participants left the audience in peals of laughter with their wit and spontaneity.

Some of the topics the kids spoke on were Annual Day, SDG, Science Period, Travel and Reading as a Habit. The interjectors were quick to seize any opportunity to become a part of someone else’s JAM!!!

The speakers of Krishna House,Vishwajeet and Devansh bagged the First Position for their house.The Second Place was bagged by Ganga House and the speakers were Ananya Tripathi and Adtiya Sharma. Lakshay Sharma of Godavari Housewas adjudged the best speaker with thirteen point however, the house bagged the Third Position.

The programme ended with Principal Ma’am appreciating the efforts of the participants and suggested that all the students made reading a habit.





Global Outdoor Classroom Day


In an attempt to create an enjoyable learning experience outside the four walls of the classroom, the students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow experienced “Outdoor Classrooms”. They joyfully participated in numerous interesting activities and learnt valuable skills. It was a whole school activity with every child engaged. Here’s what happened………………

Pets Day Out The day began with great excitement as the first event of the day was –‘Pet Day’,Many students got their pets to show them to their school mates .These pets included many dogs, a Persian cat, a rabbit, a guinea pig and a turtle as well. The students enjoyed watching the well groomed pets and their entertaining antics. Parents have always been our greatest partners and this time also they were a part of this activity.They enjoyed interacting with the children and answering queries of the students about their pets.

Laundry Day – Our tiny tots from the pre- primary section got a hands on experience in the skill of washing and drying clothes. The keen cleaners enjoyed the process of soaking, washing and drying clothes. The tactile sensation of soapy and clean water made them super excited. This activity enhanced their fine motor skills and taught them the concepts of ‘wet and dry’ and ‘clean and dirty’. Most importantly, they learnt the dignity of labour.

Web weave art – The pre-primary students enjoyed another outdoor activity of weave art wherein they a learnt a new form of painting that incorporated swinging a bottle of paint on a sheet of paper and then blowing on the paints with a straw to create a colorful web of paints.

Little Picassos– Students of class IA&B, went outdoors to collect leaves and barks of trees and then painted them beautifully .This brought them close to nature and taught them the role of trees in our environment.

Pot Art– The enthusiastic painters of classes II A&B went outdoors to paint pots. They cleaned the pots and decorated them beautifully with their colourful and vibrant imagination. They learnt about their role in the upkeep of the environment and taking care of their surroundings.

Outdoor vegetable market – An outdoor mock vegetable market was organized for our keen learners of class IV A&B. The teachers told them about the finer nuances of weights and measurements .They enjoyed learning about the use of money as a medium of exchange.

Nature Tagging– This outdoor activity involved students of class V A&B .The students had to go outdoors and collect things in nature and give them tags based on Nouns and Adjectives. It helped the students to understand the usage of English grammar and made them more observant of nature in all its glory.














Farm Trip– Students of classes VI &VII were taken to visit a farm in the vicinity.  They enjoyed seeing fresh vegetables growing in the farm .Many of them enjoyed plucking vegetables and fruits right off the trees. For many it was their first visit to a farm. Students learnt about the functioning of farms, the role of soil water and climate for plants. Most importantly they learnt about the value of the hard work that is involved in the process of farming.

Cyclathon-A cyclathon was organized for the senior classes where students went on a 7 km cycle hike in and around Ansal API. The students interviewed the shop owners and pedestrians. The purpose of this activity was to encourage the students to engage in physical exercise and to hone up their observation and interviewing skills. Students enjoyed riding their bikes outdoors and interacting with people.

Kite Flying– Boys and girls of classes VIII &IX enjoyed flying kites .A much loved traditional sport which has almost lost out its meaning especially for the apartment dwellers. The students enjoyed the sport thoroughly and also learnt the concepts of physics namely ‘Air Buoyancy’ and ‘Tensile strength of fiber.’The safety aspects of flying kites was also discussed with the students.

Cooking from scratch –Students of classes VIII &IX engaged in the outdoor activity of preparing tea on a temporary ‘Chula’ made out of bricks. They collected bricks, twigs and firewood to light up a fire and managed to prepare tea.This activity instilled in them basic survival skills, problem solving skills and most importantly team work. Form an academic point of view they learnt the concept of ‘Complete and Incomplete Combustion’.

Story telling session– ‘Stories are the best medium of learning’, hence a story telling session was taken up by Mr. Pankaj Rathore. He related stories from the famous fable of ‘Vikram and Betal’. The stories inspired the students to do a subjective analysis of situations in life. They learnt how to come to a decisive solution for tricky situations.

Candle Decoration and Toran Making -Keeping in mind the festive season just round the corner, the students of the primary section were engaged in ‘Candle Decoration’ and ‘Toran making’. The students displayed their artistic talent made beautiful torans and candles.

The students learnt many concepts and skills with a practical and permanent learning experience. They thoroughly enjoyed the NO BAG DAY which was a perfect blend of learning, academics, soft skills and reconnecting with nature.



Super Chef Activity – The Sprouts Canape


Today the world has growing interest in fast food, so to make it easy for the kids to choose healthy snacks the Pre Primary Section had organized a Super Chef Activity, ‘The Sprouts Canape’on 26th October 2018.

It was a hands on activity in which Pre Primary children added all the ingredients like green gram sprouts, chopped onion and tomato, groundnuts, salt and pomegranate. K.G. children did all the mixing part and Nursery children filled the canape with the mixed ingredients.

The idea behind the activity was to teach children the benefits of healthy food and at the same time to inculcate the habit of self -dependence

In the end the children danced to the song “I am healthy…..” and enjoyed fireless cooking together. The activity concluded with the moral ‘Eat healthy and be healthy’. The children enjoyed thoroughly.




Jaipuria boy earns Super Learner Certificate by Progate


Progate is a Japanese based technology program for which 30 students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow have enrolled. This is a year long program which will enable children to learn many Computer languages.

As students master the various levels and languages, they earn certificates. One of the students Krishna Tulsyan of Class IX earned the Progate Super Learner Certificate and is amongst the top rankers in India.

Here is what Krishna has to say.

“It’s a wonderful experience while working with Progate. We come to know a lot of computer languages on this platform and we can learn them easily and efficiently. It provides us with an excellent interface which consists of slides and exercises which help us to summarize what we have learnt. We also get an idea about the use of the commands and tags. I have learnt 14 lessons which include Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Git, Go and many more.”

Krishna Tulsyan











Victory of Good over Evil


Vijaydashmi is the tenth day of Navratri and is celebrated as Victory of good over evil, justice over injustice and righteousness over the wicked.

Dussehra also symbolizes the victory of virtues over vices. The ten heads of Ravana symbolize ten vices that exist within us like “krodh” “lobh” “moh” “ahankar” “alasya” “Irsha” “dwesh” “hatth” etc.

At Seth Anandram Jaipuria all the students and staff witnessed the burning of the effigy of Ravana. This over twelve foot effigy had been made by the Pre-Primary teachers. A special Assembly on Durga Puja, Navratri and Vijayadashmi was also conducted.