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“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”
– Walt Disney

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, since the first year, has celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday 23rd April as English Day, and have had numerous celebrations- World Book Day being the major one. Major English authors, dramatists, playwrights poets in particular are introduced, with children dressing up as them and speaking about them. Activities like story book character parade, designing story book covers have also been held in the past. Last year the Bibliophile week was celebrated for the first time as an extension of celebrating World Book Day. The aim was to have more activities rather than a one day event and involving more children and encouraging a greater interest in Literature, language and related activities.

This year we took a step ahead to collaborate globally and take the Bibliophile week and activities to the next level. We teamed up with English educators and authors, to interact with our young Jaipurians and share their thoughts and works. This helped our young students to understand the significance and magnitude of reading.
On 24th April, Dr. Tanushree Banerjee and Suhasini Akshay, from Team Impression, took an interactive session with the students of classes VII to X, on Power and magic of words; Beans to brew- the world of coffee; Art of bogging. Dr. Tanushree conducted a session on power and magic of words where she involved the students in an interesting activity where they had to guess the name of the dish after reading some fascinating words which were different from regular used words. She also transported the audience to the world of coffee and its aroma. She further stressed upon the pronunciation of few popular brands like Lacoste, Tissot, Calvin Klein and many more. Ms. Suhasini Akshay, carried the session forward and discussed about the art of blogging. She discussed the various steps to keep in mind while writing a blog.

25th April, students of VII to X were exposed to the power and importance of English as a language by Mrs. Saima Khan, an educator, writer and an orator. She discussed about English as a global language of science, computers, diplomacy and tourism. She gave tips on how to improve spoken English. Mrs. Khan emphasized on thinking in English and talking to your own self with the help of a mirror. She asked the students to pay attention to stressed sounds, to listen and repeat. She concluded her session with a famous song from the movie ‘The Sound of Music’- Do Re Me.
A story writing activity was organised on 25th April for classes I to X. The objective of this activity was to improve the students’ creative writing skills and help them to form their own ideas for potential story writing. A list words words were given to the students and they had spread their wings of imagination and take the flight of creativity.

Bibliophile Week concluded on the 26th of April, with Book Cover Design activity for classes I to X. The objective of this activity was to mobilize children to use their imagination and resources to create a new cover for their favourite book. Aditya Sharma of class X, designed the cover of Ahimsa by Supriya Kelkar, Dhruv Dhasmana , class VII, designed a cover for ‘The Ender Dragon’, Anay of class II designed a cover of his favourite book, ‘Harry Potter’ and Dhriti of class II designed a cover for ‘The Magic Tree’.

Our Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty, appreciated the efforts put in by the students to complete the activities and encouraged everyone to read. Bibliophile Week ignited a thought process about the importance of reading in our lives. We hope that our endeavor inspires everyone to Drop Everything And Read!
Until we meet again- Adios!

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