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The assembly, on 22 April 2021, began with an interactive session in which the students from grade I-XII participated enthusiastically. The topic of the assembly was Indian Authors. A number of brain storming questions were asked where the students expressed their views about the books they love to read written by Indian authors and the challenges they can face while writing a book . The students also talked about their favourite author and the books they love to read .

The students in the primary wing were on their toes, bubbling with joy to express about their favourite authors, books and characters. Many of them, expressed a desire to become popular authors. Not only this, they also showed their current reads on the camera and proudly talked about it. It was a great beginning of the day.

DAY 3 – ACTIVITY -Handwriting

Day three of the Bibliophile Week arose with more enthusiasm, curiosity and yearning to learn.  Students of Grade I-V participated in the handwriting activity.

Classes VI , VII and VIII were all geared up , curious and thrilled about the activity that their teachers would announce for them. They were briefed about the  rubrics so that they knew how to plan their course of action. The teacher also shared the importance of handwriting in a person’s life. Then they were asked to write it on a  paper.

Students of classes IX -XII sent in beautiful samples of their handwriting, a result of the exercise done in every English class, wherein a passage was shared on the online class and students had to copy it beautifully, keeping all rubrics in mind, namely- punctuation, accurate content, legible handwriting. It was a 20-minute session, in which students participated eagerly . 

The students enthusiastically participated in the activity. The purpose behind conducting this activity was to encourage children to focus on their handwriting and enable them to understand the importance of handwriting in a person’s life.

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