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‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts and the thoughts has found words.’ – Robert Frost

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow , celebrated the second day of the Bibliophile Week  with everyone being given the weapon of poetry. It was in the morning assembly, that the students enthusiastically poured in their acquired knowledge on poetry and the several popular poets.

Primary assembly had a high turnout where the students actively participated by answering the questions asked during the assembly by teachers. The excitement of the Primary Section knew no bounds when they learnt about various kinds of poetry in their assembly. The children were keen to play the quiz based on poetry and loved reciting the poems of their choice. Nirvi Khanna- V, recited a self composed poem. It was quite an interactive session enjoyed by one and all!!

 The assembly in the senior wing was conducted with the theme of poetry which drew a lot of excited replies from all the students. Everyone affirmed that poetry could only be composed due to feelings. Children showed an appreciation for poetry and nature. The poets discussed were William Wordsworth and Robert Frost, both of different periods and countries, which were insightfully pointed out by the students. The vibrancy of students  made the experience a learning one.

DAY 2 – ACTIVITY – Limericks

The assembly was followed by a session on Limericks in the respective English periods. This activity engaged the students to form a short and funny Limerick. The students participated with enthusiasm to make this an enriching experience.

The students ofI -V were very enthusiastic in composing limericks of their own. The children were introduced with ‘Limericks’ through video and PPT. They wereintroduced to the structure of a limerick which was followed by the hands on practice by children which was even joined by their parents for the same.Aditya, Viraj, Rudraksh, Shreya Ganguly, Shree Raghuvanshi, Aditya Saini, Ayush Paria, Caleb Joy, Suryansh Sharma composed beautiful and humorous limericks.

The students of classesVI, VII and VIII displayed curiosity and excitement. They were looking forward to participating in the activity. They were briefed about the steps to create limericks. Then a padlet link was shared with the students where they all posted their poems. The students were  excited and  created  iconic limericks. Few  budding poets were found, like Saanvi Singh in VIII A. Ishaan Bannerji, Vaani and Adarsh, produced humour-based, extremely relatable poems, in no time.

In classes IX and above students put on their thinking caps and presented wonderfully crafted Limericks based on the different themes chosen by them .It was indeed a moment to cherish.

The students and teachers had an exciting time creating five-line wonders- Limericks, in each English period. The students were encouraged to give free rein to their creative fantasies. The compositions came promptly and eagerly.Amazingly absurd compositions were created to the greatest joy of their teachers. The activities gave new vigour to every class.

The Principal and teachers created creative limericks too !

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