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Bibliophile Week Day 3,4 & 5 – Grade IIIrd – Xth

Bibliophile Week Day 3,4 & 5 – Grade IIIrd – Xth

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Day 3: 22.4.2020, Wednesday

The third day of the Bibliophile week kicked off with a discussion in grades III-X about Greek mythology and literature, which has influenced modern drama. The students responded well, and told about the most contemporary example of mythology in modern day comic books. Be it Spiderman or Thor, most of the avengers are inspired from Greek mythology. The students were made acquainted with the parallels in Greek and Indian Mythology. They came up with the conclusion, that it is important to read as it makes us familiar with the literature and culture from seven seas across, and helps us be better citizens of the world by learning from the pros and cons of other cultures. After providing them with the insights, an interesting activity on comic strips was conducted to invoke their creativity. The students were observed brainstorming about the origin and types of comic strips. They were engrossed in making comic strips of their own. Here are some of the best comic strips from each class. The children leapt in joy after getting their work published.

Day 4: 23.4.2020, Thursday

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” With this notion, the World Book Day was observed on the fourth day of the Bibliophile Week. Discussions pertaining to the history of the day were done in the classes to inculcate the reading habits among children. Further, the kids had hands-on experience of making a postcard. Important points like the format, difference between a postcard and a letter were taken up during the activity. Students exuded their creativity and mailed their postcards to the teachers.

Day 5: 24.4.2020, Friday

In order to let students hold foreign syllables like mints on their tongues until they dissolve into fluency, the concluding assembly of the Bibliophile Week emphasised on the usage of certain phrases of foreign languages which can be used in their routine conversation. Phrases like Faux Pas, Double Entendre, Ad Nauseum, etc. were discussed with the kids.Further, students across grades presented their book reviews as no two people can read the same book. The students discussed about the author, central idea of the book, and then offered an overall evaluation. They also put forth their views about the book and why they want others to read that particular book.

The following lines conclude the week in the best possible way:

All I need is a firm spine, uncreased by rough hands.

I need that aroma of hazelnut, noticeable only when soft fingers leaf through

What once could have grown leaves.

All I need are the endless combinations of twenty-six letters

Printed in black ink on off-white paper.  

I admire unblemished covers and pages without folds or tears.

Old books hold fond memories,

But new books are pristine and have the potential to hold memories much fonder.

How could I go on without the printed word?

I have only the endless imagination of humanity to thank, 

For I could not be without the company and comfort of a book.

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