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Balloon Rocket ( Steam Activity )

Balloon Rocket ( Steam Activity )

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DATE: 3.7.2020

“A child’s personality is not simply a reproduction of what he has experienced, but a creative reworking of the impressions he has acquired.”

The Balloon Rocket ,STEAM activity was an exciting and simple hands-on learning experience. The objective behind performing this activity virtually in class Nursery  was to apply children’s understanding of forces and their effect on objects to manipulate the flight of toy rockets. This was an introduction to beginner Science With just a few simple materials, the children created their own rocket. with a paper sheet, tape, two straws, a balloon and a string.

The children first made simple rockets by folding paper in the shape of a rocket. They coloured their rockets with crayons. The straw was fixed inside the rocket with tape and string was passed through the straw. The balloon was tied at one end of the other straw which was also fixed inside the rocket. The string was tightly tied horizontally at both ends. Air was blown into the balloon from the free end of the straw. When the balloon rocket was released from one end of the string, it started moving towards the other end of the string. The children performed this activity with zeal. They were happy with their own balloon rockets.

During the balloon rocket STEAM activity children learnt some science concepts while  having fun with balloon rockets. They understood that to make an object move one way, force has to work in the opposite direction (action and reaction). In this case, the balloon rocket  moved across the string. If the volume of the balloon was greater then the rocket would have travelled a longer distance.

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