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Artist Week Report Day-3

“There are no shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.”     -Vicki Baum

Artist Week 2021- Poetry in Motion’ Day – 3 was a day for Bhangra lovers. Bhangra dance is one of the most popular folkdance forms in India. So to make the Jaipurians know more about this dance form Mr. Gagandeep Khurana, a Folk and Bollywood dance teacher and choreographer from Canada was invited. He began his journey in 2014 and has been teaching dance in Canada since then. He is a member of the Toronto Dance Theatre. He has recently worked as an assistant director for the film Rang Ratta with Mr. Roshan Prince. He shared his art of dancing with the young Jaipurians through a video. He is an expert in different dancing styles which include Michael Jackson’s moonwalk dance, Robotic, Bollywood, and Indian folk dance-Bhangra and Gidda. He is a trained Bhangra dancer and he emphasized on the importance of learning a folk dance and staying connected to one’s culture. He also encouraged everyone to explore dance as a form of exercise, stating that exercise aids in the development of vitality, confidence, and fitness. He appreciated the school for arranging such events and adopting the holistic approach in education.

Mr. Gagandeep on the request of a student showed the signature step of Michael Jackson. He taught students eight simple steps, and the result was brilliant. A whole dance piece was ready. His passion for dance was evident in his willingness to have non-dancers dance as well. He got connected to the audience by motivating and insisting Principal, students and teachers to get up and perform with him. His energy was unmatchable and his aura influenced everyone present to shake a leg along with him. Before ending the session, he gave an enthralling live performance. He left everyone spellbound with his performance. He rightly said that dance is a language and he very well expressed it with his dance. He answered the questions raised by Ansh, Khushi, Janvhi, Nirvan, and Saanvi. He responded to the answers very well and advised children to take up studies

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