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Artist Week Report Day-2

“Indian Classical dance and music are not just for entertainment; but they are designed to elevate your consciousness.”

‘Artist Week 2021- Poetry in Motion’ Day – 2 was dedicated to Bharatnatyam , a classical dance form of India.The chief guest of the day was Mr. Vinay Tiwari, a Bharatanatyam teacher, dance choreographer, Interviewer and national level dance photographer from New Delhi. He started his journey from Bhatkhande, Lucknow and is a disciple of Padma Bhushan Awardee Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan ji. He holds the world record for “Shivaargya” the world largest all-male classical dance relay.  Mr.Vinay is a graded Doordarshan Artist and is currently working at Ganesa Natyalaya as a dance teacher under Ministry of Culture.

We were privileged to witness his performance through a video. He shared his experience with the young Jaipurians. As he is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, so he explained the value of learning a classical dance, what importance does it hold in the history and why this art form needs to be revisited. He also threw some light on the problems of today’s generation not understanding the value of art in our lives. Mr. Vinay Tiwari motivated the students by letting them understand the value of education and use it as a step to achieve one’s goal. He appreciated the school for arranging such events and adopting the holistic approach in education.

Mr. Vinay made the students aware about how they can take up classical dance as a subject and also how they can take it up as a profession. He emphasised that along with becoming a dancer, one should be open to exploring different forms of art. He also told the students that he faced many hurdles in his life when he chose to take up dance and how he overcame them. He worked hard for his passion and through his strong determination, he managed to hold a World Record. His words inspired the young generation and motivated them.

In the end, he mesmerized the audience with his live performance. He rightly said that dance is a language and he very well explained it with his dance. He made everyone understand the meaning behind each Mudra. Through his dance he spread the awareness about how dance remove the gender discrimination barrier prevailing in our society. He made the students aware about it through an example of lord Shiva’s quote, “Shiva’s aadhar is Shakti, without Shakti Shiva will become Shav..” He concluded the session by answering the questions put up by the students. He answered the questions raised by Anvi, Apporva, Vanshika and Diksha. Some Guru mantras which he gave students were:

  • Enjoy whatever you do be it dance or study as happiness is the key for success.
  • Do not treat ‘Guru’ as a person as Guru is someone who enlightens us. If we treat Guru as a person then we will never be able to give proper respect to them as humans are not perfect. Guru can be a person, thing or an animal also.
  • Art makes a culture strong as art is a reflection of society. Students should learn about their culture, music and dance as they broaden one’s mind and a progressive mind can do anything.

The Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty gracefully expressed gratitude to the guest and voiced her thoughts about how beautifully Mr. Vinay shared his journey on achieving his passion. She was appreciative of the fact that our guest made the students realise the importance of education in everyone’s life. She was intrigued of how he managed to choose photography as a profession. To which Mr. Vinay shared that he simply followed his heart and this was something he was interested in. The day ended on a positive note and students were highly motivated by him.

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