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Art Competition at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

Art Competition at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

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“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself must develop it.” – Pope John Paul II

A saying by Pope John Paul II came into life when the Arts and Crafts Department of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow organised Art Competition 2021, for Grade I to XII in various categories. The event witnessed creativity exploding in every piece of art and gave a wonderful opportunity for students to think out of the box. The competition saw the art pieces portraying vivid ideas and the research done for the various themes involved. The event started with a welcome note by Ms. Palak Upadhyay and Ms.Bhargavi Pal and followed by a prayer song by Master Vishwajeet. The beautiful art pieces prepared by the participants were presented which left everyone spellbound. The winners for the different groups are-


Group A (Grade I&II)- Bubble Wrap Painting

First- Kriday Jaiswal (I C)

Second– Aradhya Verma (II A) & Arya Arun Panday (II B)

Third – Abhimanyu (II B)


Group B (Grade III-V)- Doodle Art on Birds and Animals

First- Vaanya Jaiswal (III B)

Second– Shreya Ganguly Upadhyaya (IV C)

Third – Avni Sharma (V B)


Group C (Grade VI-VIII)- Mandala Art

First- Avi Agarwal(VI B) &Sanskriti Agarwal (VI B)

Second– Aditi Garg (VII C)

Third –Khadeeja Aslam (VI C)


Group D (Grade IX-XII)- Gond Art

First- Priyanshu Nigam (XIB)

Second- Arjun Sharma (IX – C)

Third – Aarush Singh (X – C)


The judges, for the event, were the Principal, Mrs. Poonam Kochitty, the Headmaster, Mr. Pankaj Rathore, Headmistress, Mrs. Monika Taneja Manaktala.

Mrs. Poonam Kochitty expressed her joy by quoting Ken Robinson

‘Creativity is more important than Literacy’. She expressed her happiness on the initiative taken by the Art department and for the overwhelming response by the children. She also mentioned that art is everywhere, and originality is the key ingredient to be successful. Furthermost, she talked to the children about plagiarism and the importance of being ethical.

The Art teachers, Ms Nidhi Igraland Ms Vasundhara Maurya, profusely thanked everyone for their participation and contribution to the event and also guided the children about nuances of art and the importance of creativity.

So, wishing all the participants to keep evolving as it is rightly said by -Thomas Merton

 ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. 

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