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“If I had my child to raise over again
I’d take more hikes and fly more kites,
I’d stop playing serious and seriously play,
I’d model less about the love of power,
And more about the power of love……”

Ever wonder how effortless learning becomes, listening to stories in the lap of grandparents or how quickly a child believes in making a wish to the Aladdin’s lamp? Freedom of minds and Hands On Experience, stimulate reasoning, imagination and insights. A democratic way of life trains minds and prepares children to develop the ability to learn by themselves and retain the learning, longer. Gone are the days of rote learning.

The educationists of today are continually looking for more modern and flexible methods of teaching and learning. When children are involved in activities that they enjoy, they develop in terms of feelings, intellect and skills. Emotional development of children is an essential ingredient in their overall growth. The stereotypical notions attached with studying a set curriculum involves a kind of mental pressure that every child experiences in big or small degrees. An element of fun, if added, helps make learning easier and seamless.

The world of gaming is gaining popularity, not only among children but also in adults. The first mention of gaming, more often than not, leads to negative opinions. They are known to cause wastage of time and distraction in children. Yet, there are brighter sides of everything and the current developments tell us that gaming videos and animations are using content from literature, mythology and history.

This inclusion surpasses children’s grasping speed of traditional methods of teaching and learning. Children enjoy playing games for endless number of hours and the best way to channelize this positive energy is to incorporate video games in the curriculum and witness its advantages. The expected outcomes of educating our kids on various subjects will see a rising graph when the resistance will be converted into favourable moves. Adding video games to the curriculum will enhance the speed of learning and keep a tight grip over the concentration for a longer time. Children will certainly experience manifold benefit from this novelty in the field of education.

Written By
Ms Reetu Pandey
IT Head

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