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A Visit to the Indian Meteorological Centre at the Lucknow Airport

A Visit to the Indian Meteorological Centre at the Lucknow Airport

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Experiential learning is the best kind of learning. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, strongly endorses this. On 19th July the students of standard IX and X visited the Indian Meteorological Centre to study about the weather monitoring, forecasting, and the use of Doppler radar at Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport, Amausi, Lucknow.

With the help of Mr. Rajendra Kumar, Meteorologist and Md. Sahriq Jason, Scientific Assistant, the students observed and monitored the weather conditions with the use of instruments like Stevenson Screen-the wet and dry bulb thermometer, both manual and automatic, rain gauge, sunshine monitor etc. The hot and humid weather condition outside did not deter the enthusiastic learners.

Md. Danish, Scientist-C then enhanced their knowledge about how forecasting is done using different tools and coding at different levels in the atmosphere and how the symbols are decoded by the Central Meteorological department located at Delhi. He also explained, the time to record minimum and maximum temperature of the day and the interpretation of the collected data with the help of data sharing by various neighbouring countries.

The students were then taken to the Doppler radar located at a distance. The technical officer, Mr. Sanjay Singh, assisted the students with the help of his staff members. The functioning of the radar using the radio waves and interpretation of different atmospheric conditions in upper air was something which the students found quite interesting.

The presence of Mr. J.P. Gupta, the Director, made the learning environment more interesting as he explained about the sixteen different colours being used to interpret different types of clouds. He also shared information about weather balloons being used twice a day to monitor the lower tropospheric conditions. It is essential to use these balloons to know about the atmospheric conditions. The recording done by the balloons is transmitted at the weather stations. Mr. Gupta patiently answered all the queries of the teachers and the students. It was a joy to learn from an expert like him.

Above all, the support and mentoring by our Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty, is the guiding line behind this concerted effort.

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