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A visit to a Floriculture Farm

A visit to a Floriculture Farm

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“Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”– Edwin Curran

The music of flowers is what classes 2 and 3 experienced when they went for a visitto see a floriculture farm maintained by one of our parents on February 19th ,2020. They had a funfilledone-hour ride in anticipation of what lay ahead. At the outskirts of Lucknow city through the narrow lanes of Rasoolpur Village, amidst the thatched huts lies the Village: Mahnora,Thana: Sohranau,Mahnora.

It was an awesome learning experience as the children sawagriculture and technology being practiced in tandem. Thispicturesque land provide  employment to many nearby  villagers too.

The children had an enriching experience when the caretaker described the process of Preparation of Soil,Drip Technology for irrigation and Sprinklers used to keep the flowers clean and fresh and the atmosphere cool. The two huge Poly Houses with over twenty -five thousandcolourful Gerbera Plants from Holland was a treat to watch.

The children were also made aware of the technology behind the plantation, the use of pesticides, the insect trap, the aluminium wire mesh and the lining of marigold plants along the boundary of the poly houses. It was truly a great learning experience for children as well as the teachers.

After the visit to such a place it can be surely summarized as “What a lonely place it would be to have a world without a wildflower!”– Roland R. Kemler

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