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A tête-à-tête with Ishan Gupta

A tête-à-tête with Ishan Gupta

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

On 12 November 2020, Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow, organized a virtual interaction for the students of classes X & XI with a young entrepreneur from Kanpur- Ishan Gupta. At the bare age of 17, Ishan, a student of Seth AnandramJaipuria school, Kanpur has founded a digital agency, Nutshelled, which provides creative and technology-based solutions to help businesses sustain their growth by expanding their digital presence and optimising their brand identity especially in such difficult times. Nutshelled is currently providing services like digital marketing, SEO, website design, development, and technology consulting to their clients.

The Winner of Global Grand Prize for STEM at Crown Education Challenge 2020, Ishan Gupta proves ‘age is nothing but a number’. Starting in 2020, the Crown Education Challenge was co-organized by the students of Harvard and Stanford University, USA. The aim is to encourage students to address global challenges and inspire them to become active members of their community. He is the first and only Indian amongst the Grand Awardees who took home a cash prize of $500 and was awarded with mentorship from esteemed founders, professors and industry pioneers. He won the prize for his research on creating WorkDiCo, an Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision enabled application service for optimizing public places to decrease the spread of COVID-19. He created an AI based application which indicates the number of people present at a venue, whether they are following hygienic measures, and to avoid overcrowded areas and hence contain the spread of COVID- 19.

When asked, Ishan, a XII grade, PCM student, claims that his passion drove him to such accomplishments. After a detailed narration of his journey into the world of technology he patiently answered the queries of both students and staff. He shared the names of a few courses and websites for students to start turning their ideas and thoughts into reality.

Ishan’s passion paved the way for him to serve others by doing something which he enjoys. Being in senior high school, he strikes a balance between his academics and his passion since he believes that dreams are those that do not let us sleep. He claims that academics are not to be compromised at any cost. He is truly an inspiration for generation Z which isn’t entirely academic driven but also loves to follow their passion.

Our Principal, Mrs.Poonam Kochitty, appreciated his initiative, his maturity wisdom and humility. She said that it was mesmerizing to hear a young talent speak with such conviction. She complemented him on being so driven and modest at the same time. Mrs. Kochitty expressed her gratitude to Mrs. Shikha Banerjee, Principal, SAJS, Kanpur, for allowing Ishan to interact with the students of Lucknow school. This inspirational interaction will not be easily forgotten and will stay in the memories of all for a long time.

Devanshi Mohan

Class X

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