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A Special Assembly on 7th March by Dr.Niti Kumar

A Special Assembly on 7th March by Dr.Niti Kumar

Women’s Day holds a great significance as it is the celebration of respect, appreciation, love and care towards women in our life and in the society. On the 7th of March’20, a special assembly was organized at SAJS Lucknow to recognize and appreciate one such women who has made a mark in the field of Science of Technology.

 It was a delight to hear the experiences of Dr.Niti Kumar, a PhD from CSIR Delhi currently working with CDRI Lucknow. Her work has been recognized by both national and international scientific organizations. She is a recipient of fellowships from European Union (Marie Curie and EMBO fellowship) and Humboldt foundation. She has also received Indian National Science Academy young scientist award (2010), Ramalingaswami fellowship (2013) and Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award- (2015). Recently on the 28th of February she received SERB Women Excellence Award (2020) by Department of Science and Technology. She received this award by the President of India. In addition to being a scientist, she is a sports-person. She has participated in state-level badminton matches and still participates in inter-CSIR sports activities.

She spoke to the students about her stage fear as a little girl and the other challenges that she faced in her personal and professional life. She encouraged the students to be honest and accept failures in life with a positive mindset. She reiterated the statement often told by Principal Ma’am to the students to try and be a better person each day and he helpful to all. She stated that one should not wait for something great to be happy in life but look for happiness in simple and small things. She emphasized that students should not waste their time and energy in trivial matters and be focused to what they want to achieve in life.We are thankful to her as she has invited our students to visit her lab in the CDRI campus which will surely be a great learning experience for those who have a scientific temperament.

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