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A Session on Minecraft Education Edition by Namya Joshi 18th May, 2020

A Session on Minecraft Education Edition by Namya Joshi 18th May, 2020

“Our mission has been to ensure that learning should never be interrupted, no matter what- THE SHOW MUST GO ON,”

In keeping with this view, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow h invited a prodigy, Namya Joshi, a class 8 student at the Sat Paul Mittal School in Ludhiana. She impressed Microsoft’s Satya Nadella with her innovation at Young Innovators Summit, 2020 held at New Delhi. This hyper-active teen has designed over 50 Minecraft lessons in Science, Maths and Art. Every weekend, she conducts hour-long Skype classes for teachers in Russia, Finland, Hungary, Vietnam and across India to demonstrate Minecraft usage for creating lesson plans.

According to her, Minecraft is a great platform and “if children do not like reading books, one can make them take interest in Minecraft”.

She took a one hour session on 18th, May-2020 for the students of grade III to XI of our School. She hosted the session on Microsoft TEAMS and students also participated enthusiastically. She explained the step by step procedure to download the Minecraft Education Edition and how to create a new world. She taught some basics of Minecraft. She also answered all the queries raised by our students very politely and smartly.

As an educator in the 21st century we should understand, that distance learning requires students to be engaged with  the content in news ways. As they work remotely, they need to have activities and environments that motivate them to learn. Minecraft supports almost any content area, and students can show their learning without missing a beat.

When students collaborate remotely in Minecraft: Education Edition, it presents new opportunities for them to build communication and problem-solving skills together.

Namya’s session ignited the passion of learning in our students through Minecraft Education Edition.

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