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A New Tool in Our Computer Class

A New Tool in Our Computer Class

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Today, in our computer class by Ankita Yadav Ma’am, we learned about Blockly.

 In that, we used block-based codes to solve puzzles. The puzzles were interesting and tricky to solve and the only restriction was the number of blocks. We had to use our minds and think of a way in which we could use fewer blocks and still solve the puzzle. This game helped us understand how to maximize productivity and still reach to our goals with less resources. There were ten puzzles in each question set and we need to select the correct code blocks for fulfilling the task given. Everyone was asking each other about their progress and everyone was happy and excited while playing this game.

Learning- We got to know how to use block-based coding and how to use coding to solve puzzles.

Kushagra Mishra
Arpit Tripathi
Shivansh Sharma
Grade 5B

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