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Virtual Round Square Discussion- Ashbury College, Canada

Virtual Round Square Discussion- Ashbury College, Canada

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Virtual Round Square discussion; The SDGs during this pandemic time and seen through the Round Square and IB lens.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one that has taken all the nations by storm and has affected the daily lives of many. In lieu of the Pandemic, Ashbury College, a school based out of Canada organised a discussion on the Pandemic using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the lens. The discussion consisted of 80 schools from over 5 continents, part of the Round Square network. A teacher – Mr. Manish Seksaria (Round Square Representative) and 4 students of Grade 12: Divy Tandon, Suryansh Agarwal, Aryika Mehrotra and Ishan Gupta participated in the discussion.They explored the issues on poverty, disparity, equality and environmental sustainability.

It was an enriching experience and a great networking opportunity for the students and the school to globally connect with their peers.

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