English language workshop

English language workshop

3 November, 2018 witnessed an enriching workshop for the English department which was organised by Oxford University Press and presented by Ms. Prakriti Srivastava, who not only was an excellent resource person but was also an excellent human being.

She informed us about the various kinds of learners in a class and how to teach them differently and effectively. She also enlightened us on various small and big activities that can be organised in a class to teach the children difficult topics in a simpler and fun filled way.

Ms. Srivastava used a few video aids to explain a few things which we tend to over look in our day-to-day life. She also said that the life of a student is not an easy one, it’s full of certain known and many unknown obstacles created knowingly or unknowingly by the parents and teachers which act as a catalyst in building a child’s character and justify the behavioural disorder that a child develops. As the teachers of the English language it is our duty to develop aesthetic feelings in our students.

We really enjoyed the workshop and the knowledge and information gained in the process will surely be used in our everyday teaching.












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