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Comfest 2018 International School Award
Farewell 2018

“What heaven more will, That thee may furnish, and my prayers pluck down, Fall on thy head!”

It is often said that the best period in the life of anyone is the time that one spends in an educational institution. This is, undoubtedly, a golden era, which a student happens to recollect nostalgically for the rest of his stay in this world. This golden period of life of the 2018-2019 batch of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur came to its sudden end on the 28th of December, which was their farewell.

This momentous day on one hand, marks the act of wishing adieu to the ones who have been our mentors and have bestowed upon us this inestimable and sublime legacy-Our seniors and on the other hand, serves as a day of parting from friends, school-mates and teachers for our seniors.

For the ones who are about to leave this institution and are ready to embark on a very spry voyage, the farewell party is a very heart-breaking and sentimental event as their educational career in the school is drawing to a close. This year’s theme revolved around the largest musical extravaganza in Belgium, “Tomorrowland”. As the name signifies, it is a land of tomorrow where people celebrate their embark on a new journey of life with symphonies and commemorative jollification. This theme made the mighty Jaipurians believe in the saying-

“Yesterday is history,
Today is a Gift,
Tomorrow is mystery”









This farewell party hosted by class 11th was filled with awe and bewilderment as the juniors not only prepared dance performances for their illustrious seniors but also honored them with prestigious titles. Owing to the Jaipurian culture, each year the HeadBoy and HeadGirl of this institution are honoured with the title of Master Jaipuria and Miss Jaipuria who in turn felicitate the Head Boy and Head Girl for the next academic year by pinning a badge to their collar along with a number of responsibilities to he taken care of and pass down this rich legacy to them. They give their capable juniors a chance to return this institution what it has given them in the past twelve years.

Though the atmosphere of this farewell party was full of joy and excitement, yet it was tinged with an air of melancholy and sadness. The ones who once craved to be in casual dresses, were desperately looking for an excuse to wear their school uniform, once again because deep in their hearts they knew that it was time to leave for good, their dear institution, where they had spent the twelve most precious years of their lives.



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