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Comfest 2018 International School Award
Adventure Sports for Pre – Primary and Classes I and II

Sports are like rock ‘n’ roll.

Any form of play makes an integral part of a child’s routine, be it an indoor or outdoor game. However, some gamesare not played on a routine bases but generate thrill and excitement among the children of all age groups and they are “Adventure Sports”.

Adventure Sports are not only fun but also help to develop gross and fine motor skills,a sense of co-ordination,team spirit and ability to take risk.Our little Jaipurians were provided with one such exposure during a daylong Adventure Camp on 29thNov’18 in the school premises. Students of Nursery and Prep participated with great zeal and vigour. They were in their tracksuits. Each class was headed by a trainer. The trainers explained that the activities would help them to overcome their fear and learn discipline, time management and safety rules.They also said that the activities train ones motor skills. The participants were exposed to various adventure activities like laser beam, hippityhop race,swinging bridge,wallclimbling, tent pitching, hot scotch, commando net and other interesting games. The amount of energy and enthusiasm exhibited by the students was enthralling. It was a joyful and novel experience for the students.







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